Monday, February 22, 2010

Design Breif

Reinterpret the one-piece swimsuit for the 21st century using a technologically advanced wool/Lycra textile in black.

Look to the past - design for the future. Designs will embody a contemporary aesthetic and active glamour.

Take inspiration from Annette Kellerman - the original mermaid.

Like Chanel's "Little Black Dress", the black swimsuit underpins a minimalist aesthetic that requires exceptional cut, clever trims, flawless construction.

Experiment with creativity and virtuosity to craft a swimsuit that reflects both signature style and design aspiration for brief.

Remember: invention - reinvention.
Stage 1.
Research and develop a collection of designs (six total) from which one swimsuit will be selected for prototyping in Stage 2.
One metre of cotton/Lycra will be provided to sampling swimsuit. One metre of wool/Lycra for the final swimsuit prototype. If trims are used, they must be black and samples must be provided at design selection and must not detract from the overall minimalist aesthetic.
Design Selection - Wednesday 24 March - 9am - Z5.102
  1. Extensive research responding to design brief in the forms of this blog and a design journal.
  2. Samples of elements of design ideas in appropriate stretch fabric.
  3. Concept ideas evidenced through graphics. There is no CAD mark for stage 1.
  4. Collection of six designs on figures for a one-piece swimsuit in response to the brief. Support these with working technical drawings (front, back, sides).
  5. Samples of trimmings where appropriate.

Provides an insight and background of design journey. The blog should include images that track the process from design inception, sampling and the final prototype and act as a housing for research. Also, it allows the opportunity for peer-to-peer dialogue.

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