Thursday, February 25, 2010

From here to ETERNITY.

Love is eternal.

Love is universal.

Love exists in every particle of living energy.

Everything is loved by something.

Everything loves.
Love is not only romantic.

Love is the instinct to run, hunt, hide, fuck, sleep or dance!

Love is the reason honey hugs the roof of your mouth.

Love is the reason clouds sprinkle water turned to ice which coats the world white.
Love is the reason those dear to us will be snatched away.

Love is cruel.

Love will be the end of us - but not the end of everything.

Without the power of love to drive forces of energy, love will cease to exist.

If nothing exists to love, then love can not exist.

There will always be love.

Love comes with a guarantee.

There is no guarantee that you will find love or fall in love, but a guarantee that


Like it or not.
Love is the reason the sperm penetrates the egg. Because love propels it.
Our bodies were borne out of love.
We are continuing the cycle of love.
When we die our bodies return to the warm, heavy embrace of the earth to be consumed by the love it holds.
Love comes in abundance.
It is the glue that keeps our ball of dirt and water suspended in space.
It sticks the sky in one place and the ground in another.
Love keeps everything as it should be.

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