Sunday, February 28, 2010

'Til Kingdom Come

We fear what we do not know.
The strange.
The deviants.
Fear is eternal.
Fear is essential.
Keeps the children in line...
Scared of the dark.
Senses are heightened in the frightful dark.
There are nightmares.
Things to chill you.
Things to kill you.
The fear of death.
Fear of the deep, dark depths.
Where jaws are waiting to snap you.
Teeth are waiting to gnash you.
Rip and shred you.
Pain and flesh...
The one eternal certainty is that you are going to die.
Everyone you know is going to die.
Returned to the earth to dissolve back into life.
The eternal cycle of life and death.
Love and fear.
Calm and chaos.
The day and the night.
The horror of the darkness.
The wail of the unbearable lonely nights.
Horrors lurking under the bed.
The secret killers are hiding.
There are secret monsters waiting in the night.
Ready to hurt.
Poised to strike.
Teeth, claws, axe and knife.
Dark thoughts like magic invade your dreams.
Poision your mind with the things of evil.
The blindness and confusion consuming you, pulling you deeper into danger.
Spiralling down and down into the dank, frightful corners of the night.
You wake with a start - light flooding the room.
You hug your pillow, safe for another day until the stars come out once more and the fear creeps up on you...
Leaks from under the bed.
Filling the room until you are saturated in cold sweat.
You lay ridgid and awake.
Praying for sleep to come and save you from the strangers in the dark...
But knowing sleep to be no more safe than the strangers in your dreams.
You have tried putting a face to the shadows, for everything becomes less feirce with a name and a face.
But all you see is the silver glint of steel.
A sharp flash of teeth.
There are no faces for these hidden terrors.
They have no names.
There is only the darkness and the terror pulsing through your veins...
Sweet dreams.

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